Experimental and risk based projects in dance and performance.

"The mistakes are the portals of discovery." James Joyce, Ulysses, 1922.
Self-Mistake is a curatorial project that promotes artistic freedom, risk, experimental arts and the development of Contemporary Dance and Performance in the independent and emerging Portuguese creative context. It focuses its purpose on giving freedom to artists, considered in its provocative dimension and, at the same time, positions itself as a manifesto. It bases its proposal on the idea that from experience and risk comes artistic innovation.

Self-Mistake is a project that creates an environment for artists to freely develop the material of their creations, without pressure or constraints, looking at risk and error as a fundamental part of the construction and developing of the artistic object.

The freedom achieved in this context is essential for the creative processes and contributes to the liberation from the pressures that lead to normative and conventional logics.
Self-Mistake represents a creative change in the way Contemporary Dance and performance are supported, positioning itself as a key contributor to the growth and innovation of this sector in Portugal. The project is a response to the needs of the environment that requires new forms of production and creation.
More than a unique and innovative program, it is a need, an urgency, a new paradigm in the way of organizing artistic creation.

The project awards grants for experimental arts and supports artists by creating conditions for the development of their creations, as well as providing support for their future production.
Since 2018 the program attributed grants to about 20 artists.

The support for experimental arts and development is even more important at this moment, when the ways we relate to one another have changed, in a year when contact with audiences is more restricted, but at a time when artists have the possibility to devote more time to the development processes.

This year, the Self-Mistake Grants, in a decision to privilege continuity, granted the support to artists that were supported in previous editions, awarding the grants to:

Experimental Grants 2020
Ana Libório
Carlota Lagido
Joãozinho da Costa

Creation grants 2020
Bernardo Chatillon
Tiago Vieira
Sofia Dinger
Self-Mistake Grants 2019 - Projects in progress:
Henrique Furtado
Diego Bagagal
Barbara Carlos
Joana Verona and Eduardo Breda
Diana de Sousa


Self-Mistake Grants 2019 - Artists supported in 2019

Experimental Grants:
Henrique Furtado // Diego Bagagal // Tita Maravilha // Carlota Lagido // Catarina Vieira // Bárbara Carlos // David Marques // Joana Verona and Eduardo Breda // Apneia // Margarida Correia, Diana de Sousa, Maurícia | Neves // Bernardo Chatillon

Production consulting support: Telma Santos // Pablo Alvez // Isadora Alves
Creation Grant: Tiago Vieira


Organization: ORG.I.A
Curator and Production: Tânia M. Guerreiro
Support: Lisbon City Hall - Culture
Institutional Partner: Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture