Self-Mistake is a project that focuses on the risk and artistic freedom of Experimental Dance and Performance, positioning itself as a manifesto and element of change of institutionalized systems, created in a partnership between ORG.I.A and Produções Independentes.

Self-Mistake aims to create space and conditions for the development of artistic innovation, supporting the experience of risk and error in creation, as a possibility for transformation.
The freedom achieved in this context is essential to creative processes and contributes to their freedom from the pressures that lead to normative and conventional logics.
Self-Mistake constitutes itself as a creative change in the ways of supporting Contemporary Dance and performance, positioning itself as a trigger of alternative systems in the processes of performative artistic creation.

The project is a response to the needs of the medium, which demands new forms of production and creation.
More than a challenging programme, it is a necessity, an urgency, a new paradigm in the way of organizing artistic creation.

Self-Mistake is organized in a partnership between ORG.I.A and Produções Independentes.

Production: ORG.I.A and Produções Independentes
Support: Lisbon City Hall - Culture and Social Emergency Fund, Portuguese Republic - Culture - Directorate-General for the Arts
Institutional Partner: Arts Emergency Support Line / Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture

*"The expression Self-Mistake was created from the tennis concept of "unforced errors" - when a tennis player commits an error without the opponent creating a particularly difficult play for him. The great innovators, in science, in the arts, in politics, in sport, in military strategy, are people who excel at taking risks. They work in the unknown, with intuition. They get it no more right than anyone else when they experiment; they move forward by trial-and-error; and they make far more mistakes than ordinary mortals. But because they take risks, they come close to the possibility of doing something innovative, extraordinary. By making many mistakes and getting it right from time to time, they take risks until they arrive at new ways, new discoveries."


Photo: Alípio Padilha