Tita Maravilha e Cigarra

Tita Maravilha is an actress, performer, singer, dancer, drag queen, clown, entertainment presenter and DJ. She holds a Scenic Arts degree from the University of Brasilia, Brazil. She is an integral member of the theatre group ‘Trazeiros de teatro caseiro’ and the musical project ‘Rainhas do Babado’, in which she sings anarcho-punk and released the ‘Sintomas de destruição’ EP in 2018 with them. Since 2007, she has performed in various shows related to projects and festivals within and outside the university in Brazil.  She studied at the Vocational School of Theatre in Cascais in 2008.  In Lisbon, she belongs to the ‘SOMA – Colectivo’, which brings together various urban collectives for performance festivals.  
A hybrid artist and inventor of universes.

Ágatha Barbosa (a.k.a. Cigarra) is a DJ, producer and label manager.  She grew up in the intense underground scene of São Paulo, Brazil, and took part in its effervescent parties and festivals. She was one of founders of the celebrated Voodoohop. For the last ten years she has been exploring unique sets and through this experience she creates her own sound cocoons.  In 2016 she released Límbica ED and in 2018 Ato for Tropical Twista Records, a label where she was also manager, promoter and curator of Hysterofônica, vols.1 - 3. Over 60 women were involved in making this female compilation, which recently became an independent label with a monthly programme on Rádio Quântica in Lisbon.  Ágatha expresses her own vision of the world as an audio-visual artist and performer and has participated in festivals in Brazil, Portugal and Germany.


Rainhas do Babado - EP sintomas de destruição

Bruno Savedra

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