Tita Maravilha e Cigarra

‘Trypas-Coração’ is an aesthetic-artistic-political project that consists of a hybrid creation of theatre-music-performance in two acts based on research driven by a post-romantic and over-dramatic aesthetic. This idea emerges between languages where theatre becomes the basis of research that blurs the boundaries between the arts, drawing from performance and music as a possibility for a setting, the performance then emerges in a concert-theatre format.
Our concept revolves around the (trans and cis) woman who bears things remembered and forgotten associated with hate and violence, but also an enormous aptitude for change and ways of love (we are love, we bring love). From these transformations, hate and revolt become material of power, self-cure, travel, gaze, poetry…

Tita Maravilha (vídeo anarko funck):
Dj Cigarra:


Rainhas do Babado - EP sintomas de destruição

Bruno Savedra

Emerson Pessoa