Reindeer Age #1

Bernardo Chatillon

Reindeer Age investigates what enchants us today, from poetry to artifice, from magical objects to hidden systems, from harmless distraction to domination.

Reindeer Age #1 is the second episode of this series that starts from the memory of when I was a child and felt the euphoria of going on vacation with my parents and at the same time the fear and feeling that the vacation might not happen.
What to do with this?
Is it possible to lose the trace of something that was never lost?

A work about the experience of never leaving and never arriving, about an endless preparation of everything that is no longer useful and of memories that do not yet exist.
A suspended journey that lodges itself in the body, around notions of time, structures and lines of text in movement, that explores unfinished situations, doubts and new beginnings to reveal and communicate something that already exists, something that is to come, because it was left in suspension.

To explore this complex intertwining of worlds, I decided to go and live in a motorhome, following the thoughts proposed by Carlo Rovelli in his book, "The Order of Time", where he invites us to reflect on the following questions: "Why do we remember the past and not the future? What does the "flow" of time mean? Do we exist in time or does time exist within us?", aswell the somatic writing exercises proposed by poet and author CA Conrad's, which investigates this seemingly infinite space between body and spirit, using almost any possible thing to channel the body out and/or into the spirit with deliberate and sustained concentration, and the book “Fall of Heaven: Words of a Yanomami Shaman” that question the notion of progress and development.


Bernardo Chatillon

Bernardo Chatillon e Marc Lohr

Marc Lohr

Tiago Gandra

Self-Mistake (ORG.I.A), Trust Colective, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, PT.21 (O Espaço do Tempo)

Trust Colective, O Espaço do Tempo



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