I thought I was Fuel, but after all I'm Electricity

Xana Novais

“I thought I was Fuel, but after all I'm Electricity”
 Xana Novais  
I thought it was Fuel, but after all I'm Electricity is a solo that proposes a body taking electric shocks produced by the vibration of a dismembered battery. Its skin dances not by its own will, but because the sound makes it move. What dances arise in an involuntary search for a body that moves again after this total stop in the world during a pandemic situation? It is a manifestation made by a single person, where a body is sacrificed entering a state of trance for the sake of its yearning to be reborn from painful situations, straining muscles, and finally for the sake of its art. I thought it was Fuel, but after all I am Electricity shows that a dancer's body has memory but also forgets, that a body gets tired from lack of social stimuli, and most of all that it can die if it doesn't have discipline and control over itself. Movement after a pandemic that no one counted on is no longer the same, it has changed, it has become tired, it has become electrified.  

"I thought I was Fuel, but after all in the end I am Electricity" is a performance that gives continuity to Xana Novais' artistic research in the last years, the gore concepts, of limit and overcoming of the body, the public sharing of intimate processes of creation and the intersection between public and private.   

Creation, scenography, interpretation - Xana Novais  
Staging assistance - Maurícia Barreira Neves
Sound Design/ Interpretation - João Valinho  
 Electrical connections - Inês Carincur  
Mecanical Support - Daniel Marcatti
 Photography/Video - Diogo Bessa  
 Residency Support - CRL-Central Elétrica, o Lugar do meio and Desvio  
 Co-production - Fundação de Serralves
Support for creation - Self-Mistake and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
 República Portuguesa - Cultura – Direção-Geral das Artes e Câmara Municipal de Lisboa – Cultura