Peep show


Peep show is a project that aims to present dance and performance creations and seeks to re-establish an intimate relationship between artists and the public.

Peep Show is a political act which focuses on the creation and restoration of intimate and close relationships. It seeks to reclaim our desire for social contact, achieved through a full immersion of our attention and presence.

Peep Show invites the public to participate in meetings, in a space where the performer reveals himself in a closer and more exposed way, creating the right conditions for the possibility of being closer, activating places of intimacy, vulnerability and confrontation.

At a time when bodies are mostly seen through cell phone and computers screens, when faces are covered up and lose their individuality and expression, bodies are even more separated from each other. Relationships become more virtual, more broken, and empathy, attention and presence are lost. It is necessary to go against this path of dehumanization and provide moments, actions, that expose us to intimacy moments with others and with ourselves.

This moment of isolation and distance between bodies that we are experiencing today, leads us to reflect and question how we can recover a real form of present relationships. This project is at this place, in a time when physical presence is consigned to a place of utopia and/or past. The process we are going through reflects our society, is a mirror of the world. Now is the time for Art to contribute to the paradigm shift in human relationships.
It is essential to continue to raise the performative act to an act of resistance, to an act of love and to focus on the essence of the relationship - the presence, the true and absolute presence.

Peep Show intends to contribute to the production and presentation of creations where the presence is so absolute and violent that it leads us to transcendence, as in any authentic relationship. It is a project that proposes to rescue the possibilities of deep relationships. It reformulates itself on questioning, in the dilution of boundaries, in the activation of the desire to be fully together by means of a conscious co-presence and expanded senses between the spectator and the artistic objects that appears in the performatic encounter, in the concrete place and time of the relationships between bodies.
Peep Show provides the spectator with new ways of relating with the performative act, transforming the usual "public" place into a "private" place, more "intimate", seeking to create moments of contact that become concrete in the private sphere of the artistic context.
In the performing arts, as in life, the physical presence - active and conscious co-presence at the 'live shows' is essential to establish a relationship. It is urgent to allow us to experiment the power and quality of the relationship between bodies, which in the performing arts lives from the ephemeral, leading to the unforgettable encounter that is projected in the memory and remains as existence, in permanent internal transformation.

This is a project that investigates the concept of Absolute Presence, not only by the artist that provides the encounter, but also by the artistic object itself, which highlights and seeks to find the absolute presence of the spectator, who is invited to experience the possibility of Absolute Presence and active spectator. To assume the willingness to exist with the other, to know the other. In this relationship of commitment that does not start from assumptions, in which space is opened for the emergence of intimacy, in the free desire to know the other.  

In this proposal, the social distancing that we experience in our society and that has been increased in recent times, is understood as a metaphor for the detachment that already exists, for the shallowness, the present body and the dead soul, the lack of truth in the relationships, the absence of touch, of intimacy and even - and more important – for the conscious presence of each gesture lived in the instant in which it occurs. It reminds us of the importance of contact with the other. It reminds bodies that it is fundamental not to get used to states of loneliness and distance, and that human relationships are fundamental in building a freer and more empathetic society.
Art has in itself the power of transformation, but, like the rest of society, it must resist and insist to maintain its role. It is in the reclaiming of this power that the project is sustained. It is fundamental that artistic devices and gestures do not forego claiming their relational power, which prepare us to be changed, stripped, touched, penetrated, and available to live intensely every instant.
In a time when we are practically subjected, in the arts as in life, to the conventional relationship, it is important to try alternative forms of encounter with the "public". Give time to thought and meaning to events. This is the moment to open the space for the important processes of conception and reception. The right time to bring closer Art and the poetic gesture, intimate, aware, and consequently political. We want to restitute the right to the public to access works that are created on the absolute desire to bond/connect with people, instigating, at the same time, the responsibility that the spectator has to dedicate his full attention to the work. The project aims to provoke the development of works that take into account the mutual acts of sharing responsibilities and decision making. To enter together at t the unknown.

This unique place where the spectator is an essential element to the event – without, however, establishing a dependence between artists and spectators – has as its aim the search for artistic objects that contain the power and potency of a declaration of love, without the dependency or submission of the other, simply experiencing the encounter with the intensity and the purest mutual intimate desire.
It is time to take further the place of the spectator, offering him the opportunity to question himself, to feel, to understand, to evolve, to lose himself and to find himself again, and to see himself reflected on the possibility to see and transform the world through the performative gesture, where  the deepest layers of meaning can be found.


Organization: ORG.I.A
Support: Lisbon City Hall - Social Emergency Fund - Culture
Institutional Partner: Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture




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Amo-te, mesmo que não compreendas de Tiago Vieira na Casa do Capitão

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