Carlota Lagido

I’m interested in working with women, both artists and non-artists, and in using the creative process as a possible platform for feminist activism. I’m interested in producing a performance-manifesto aimed at contributing towards the eradication of patriarchy. In this sense, MINA is a project that is openly involved in feminist issues; it’s a project with and about women.  Some of these women lived at different periods of time.  Some dealt with conflicts of gender inequality that were specific to their time, many of which continue to this day.  Some women changed the world and many of them were expunged from history.  They’re no longer here now but their ghostly presence is because of their thinking, their professional and artistic itineraries that will be absorbed in researching this process.
Others are alive today and I’m interested in and admire them for their work and way of looking at the world.  I want to understand the points at which we identify ourselves and touch on the different contexts of the lives of these ghost-women.  
My guest interlocutors/performers/collaborators and ghosts are: Joana Castro, Xana Novais, Joana Levi,  Aurora Pinho,  Francisca Manuel, Shahd Wadi, Elizabete Francisca,  Thamiris Carvalho, Mónica Calle, Filipa Valladares,  (and a botanist and ornithologist still to be found) and the ghosts of Artemisa Gentileschi, Simona Kossak, Frida Kahlo, Aurélia de Souza, Maria Bandeira, Anna Atkins, Hildergard de Bingen and Mina, among the many others that will surface during our research.
Ornithology to be determinedd. Performers:  Aurora Pinho. Carlota Lagido. Elizabete Francisca. Francisca Manuel. Joana Castro. Joana Levi. Lula Pena. Mónica Calle. Shahd Wadi. Thamiris Carvalho. Xana Novais. Set design: Carlota Lagido. Video: Carlota Lagido, Francisca Manuel. Lighting design: Mafalda Soares de Oliveira. Set photography: Joana Linda. Production and management: ORG.I.A . Executive production: Marta Moreira. Co-Production EIRA/Cumplicidades/Teatro Municipal São Luiz.  Funding: PI- Produções Independentes – Grant: Self Mistake, Programa de Residências Artísticas Alkantara, Fundação GDA.


Teaser de Jungle Red

Francisca Manuel

Joana Linda