Catarina Vieira

Experimenting with artistic practices
Encounter. Experimenting. Sharing.

‘Matéria’ is an artistic project to enable me to meet my artistic friends, my peers, and find out what they’re doing, more about their work and the way they think, in practice, where I may involve my body in their questions and work methodologies.  I believe we know one another because we spend time together, do things together, solve problems, eat together, question things, construct something.
‘Matéria’ sets two rhythms, two voices, at each encounter: the rhythm of my own artistic research, which those who have regularly participated in ‘Máteria’ can deepen, repeat, ramify, complexify and the rhythm of a unique, singular encounter with the work of the person I’ve invited.  My guests at Máteria are artists with whom I have a close personal or professional relationship; artists who have touched my body or were once together with me in movement: because we have known one another for many years but have never worked together; because we have already worked together, but short rehearsals have never allowed us to linger on undefined practices of indeterminate use; because we have danced together but never spoken about the strategies that make us put concepts into movement.  The choice is absolutely subjective and woven into the micro-scale of affective relationships that spark curiosity and a desire to meet again, to repeat and to digress.

We get together once a month to dance and think together and we keep the door open to all who wish to join us.