Bárbara Carlos

Gender, beauty and power are the central themes of this dance-performance-game. Its artistic approach, just as the bodies, images and sound effects, will be feminine.  The adult woman as the product of her surroundings is the object/material of this work.
This work springs from the struggle to align with the cultural and social milieu and personal identity, and in the process, the body tells its story by means of the appropriation of a type of behaviour or an image, or even through the expropriation of the body itself, ceasing to be a human being and becoming an animal, object, organic matter, etc. – and, here too, appropriating something else.

Concept: Bárbara Carlos Performed by: Bárbara Carlos, Sara Zita Correia, Joana Sousa Video and music: Mariana Carlos, Miguel Abreu


Teaser "We are NOT so pretentious" de António Torres, Barbara Carlos e Maurícia | Neves

Catherina Cardoso & Joao Catarino