nova criação

Ana Libório

Nova criação
Ana Libório

There is something about fragility to be said here…

Or another way to dance a closed system;


There is something about fragility to be said here
About the not knowing but also about the not taking space to ask
Maybe there is not enough time, there are spaces virgin spaces they are turning into places
Something about the fear that will take over you if you do so - if you ask
Into them,
into the places,
There are proper names, say all the names
If you try that it will disturb you from the instructions that you used to follow so properly
this is an urgency tell us what is really happening
We got our feet on the ground and we are burning it down
Say all the names as material for this world that might have a future
There is a fragility in pausing in asking in naming
We need to show that there are alternatives
That all the alternatives are possible and then crystallize them
The fragility about not agreeing but also not knowing otherwise
Open new narratives
Open them as saved places
Feed a space

                        - Or another way to dance a closed system;

To self-digest:
coloniality of instructions: >you can go to Wikipedia>? or questioning in what ways traditionally written instructions have historically been imposed on newly “discovered” cultures and how this reflected today.

A project by Ana Libório


Criação, conceito Artístico e interpretação: Ana Libório
Interpretes: a definir
Espaço Cênico: Bruno José Silva;
Coprodução: Artista no Bairro - Rua das Gaivotas 6 e Teatro Cão Solteiro
Apoios: Self-Mistake, Plataforma 285
 Parceiro Institucional: República Portuguesa - Ministério da Cultura




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