Shameless dance

David Marques

Dança sem vergonha” (“Shameless dance”) is a dance that exists in the crossing of various contexts, various motivations, and various ages. The bedroom (domestic dance), which I associate to childhood, the club (social dance) which I associate to adolescence, the studio (dance among dances) which I associate to adulthood and theatre (theatrical dance) which I associate with the present, during a performance, of both spectators and performer.

I am interested in a practice that makes these dances exist in one body, at the same time and place.
Therefore, I picture this "shameless dance" as simple as it is complex, as referential as it is naive, as musical as theatrical, as serious as humorous, as technical as it is unprepared. A room dance, a disco dance, a studio dance ... taking place in a theatrical space.

'Dança Sem Vergonha' (“Shameless dance”) is a long research extended in time, that includes artistic residences, videos, workshops and performative objects in a collaboration with visual artist Diogo Brito and the DJ Joe Delon. It is a research on the possibility of a dance mode that I suppose to exist, but about which I know very little.


Teaser Short Theatre 2020