Project of artistic creation and self-curation

Self-Mistake Creation

The shows must be developed between 2021 and 2022.

Each creator will be responsible for finding a performance space, alternative or unconventional, and to create the conditions for the presentation of the show. In addition to the financial grant, each project will have support in strategic consultancy for its realisation.



Maximum 2 pages with:
Proposal and biography
Full video links of previous creations

Idea of location (optional)

Proposal for grant (optional)
Phone and email contact

This information should be sent by email in a single attachment

(Proposals should be governed by the principles of the Self-Mistake project)


Submissions to:

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Should mention Self-Curating in the email title

Submission of proposals by 31 July 2021.
Only shortlisted artists will be contacted for an interview within 15 days of submission.



Project of artistic creation and self-curating Integrated in the Self-Mistake Creation Project
Self-Curating is a project of creation and artistic self-curation, integrated in the Self-Mistake project, in a partnership between ORG.I.A and Produções Independentes.


Self-Curating is a support programme for the creation of shows of experimental and independent dance and performance, which encourages and supports artists to create and self-present their work, in alternative contexts and spaces to the conventional and institutional ones, showing themselves to the public, live, in an autonomous, flexible and free way.
It takes the form of financial support and strategic consultancy, while encouraging the creation of a new circuit for the presentation of performing arts.

Self-Curating aims to contribute to the creation of a movement of liberation from the current programmatic constraints, promoting the empowerment and independence of creators for their freedom, autonomy and self-responsibility in the modes of production, sharing and artistic enjoyment.


Production: Produções Independentes

Support: Portuguese Republic - Culture - Directorate-General for the Arts and Lisbon City Council - Culture and Social Emergency Fund


Self-Mistake is a project that focuses on the risk and artistic freedom of Experimenta Dance and Performance , positioning itself as a manifesto and element of change of institutionalized systems, created in a partnership between ORG.I.A and Produções Independentes.


Photo “Amo-te. Mesmo que não compreendas” Tiago Vieira. © Alípio Padilha