Self-Mistake development

Grants for artistic experimentation
Self-Mistake Research Project

Practical research project in dance and experimental performance.

Self-F**king is a scholarship programme for the development and experimentation of experimental and independent artistic creation in dance and performance.

Self-F**king provides conditions for the development of the creative process, without the obligation of public presentations, without pressure and without conditioning.
Self-F**king gives grants for experimentation and supports artists in creating the conditions for the development of their creations, as well as providing strategic consultancy for their development and potential future production.

The freedom achieved in this context is essential to creative processes and helps to break free from the pressures that lead to normative and conventional logics.
Self-F**King constitutes itself as a driver of a change in the ways of supporting Contemporary Dance and performance, positioning itself as key in contributing to the growth and innovation of this sector.

This support is even more pertinent at a time of constraints in contacting audiences and gives the opportunity to give more time to development processes.

Started in 2018 that supported around 20 creators.

Production: ORG.I.A
Support: Lisbon City Council - Culture and Portuguese Republic - Culture - Direção-Geral das Artes

Self-F**king is an experimentation grant, inserted in the Self-Mistake project, in a partnership between ORG.I.A and Produções Independentes.

Supported artists
2020 Ana Libório Carlota Lagido Joãozinho da Costa Bernardo Chatillon Tiago Vieira Sofia Dinger

2019 Henrique Furtado // Diego Bagagal // Tita Maravilha // Carlota Lagido // Catarina Vieira // Bárbara Carlos // David Marques // Joana Verona and Eduardo Breda // Apneia // Margarida Correia, Diana de Sousa, Maurícia | Neves // Bernardo Chatillon, Tiago Vieira

Production Consulting Support
Telma Santos // Pablo Alvez // Isadora Alves