Mercedes Quijada

The idea of an empty, shifting body where challenges arrive. As viewers gather at a distance from a solitary figure, one can perceive a party girl from a distant land. An omnipresent reality is evoked from her stature perhaps adorned in sumptuous swaths of dense color; her gaze is fixed elsewhere.
The constraints of the fabric draped over her body initiate the conversation of her movement. Once she does, a new form of bright, bulbous showgirl cancers appears. In place of spherical silicone breasts and buttocks, we discover a shiny ball belly, quadruple-sized training legs, a large chin that reflects a shimmering light. A length of raffia hangs down her back, resplendently appropriate as an artificial peroxide ponytail. The shackles of the fabric are abolished, the body is now freed to shed these sparkles grow. They tremble and fall to the ground sporadically as the movement intensifies.

"...your woman self, your creature self, your daughter self, your lover self, your artist self, your man self...".

Direction, creation, interpretation - Mercedes Quijada Rama
Light Design - Mercedes Quijada
Costume Design - Andy James
Music - Sara Calvo
Audiovisuals - Carolina Pimentel,Melina Koulia
Production - Self - Mistake, CPBC Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo
Support artistic residency - CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva artistic residency center and workspace for performing arts, PEDREIRA
Experimental Collaborative Art Residencies